Cultured Marble Corner Seat

This is a custom made to order cultured marble corner seat and can be installed in any shower on any surface. This seat is cut onsite to fit perfectly in your shower. The corner seat provides a host of features that will make every shower more pleasant and enjoyable. Enjoy the seat in your shower without the clutter and restriction of a removable seat. Corner seat’s have a textured anti-slip surface and can be installed on any shower wall surface including tile, cultured marble, and granite.

Marble Seat Sample #1

Marble Seat Sample #2

Marble Seat Sample #3

Product Features:

  • Textured seat anti-slip surface
  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • Seat can be cut to any height and/or width
  • Cultured marble seat supports up to 400 lbs
  • Designed with ADA specifications in mind


  • $795.00 Installed
  • Additional $200.00 for Curved Seat
  • Price Includes: Cultured marble corner seat, ¾ cultured marble supports, consultation, tax, materials, and installation

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