Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Who should have Grab Bars Installed?
      •  Everyone! People of all ages and abilities can benefit from using Grab Bars.
    2. What can a Grab Bar do for me?
      • Reduce your risk of falling in the bathtub or shower.
      • Help you steady yourself while getting into and out of the bathtub or shower.
      • Assist in safely lowering and raising yourself from a seated position.

    1. How many Grab Bars do I need and where should they be installed?
      Health professionals typically recommend three (3) Grab Bars in a bathroom.

      • At least one (1) along the back wall in the bathtub or shower.
      • At least one (1) along the showerhead wall or whichever end of the tub/shower you use to enter/exit from.
      • At least one (1) near the toilet.

Things to consider when selecting your Grab Bars for installation:

      • Length: Select a Grab Bar that is the suitable length for your bath or shower area. Typically, a 16” to 24” Grab Bar is more then efficient for these areas.
      • Finish: Consider a Grab Bar that matches your faucets and other fixtures.
      • Weight Capacity: Choose a Grab Bar that at least meets ADA requirements of (250lbs); Titan Grab Bars will assist you in this process and only show you bars that are ADA compliant.
      • Installation: Grab Bars should be securely fastened to a stud or wood backing when installed at any angel. When using Hilti Anchors and other secure mounting brackets, there is no need for installation into a stud or wood backing.
      • Grip Surface: Consider a Grab Bar with a textured surface or grip feature that provides a better hold in a wet bathroom environment.