Maximum Safety Installation

Residential bathrooms often need adaptation if an elderly person wants to stay at home and remain independent. Titan Grab Bar Installers can ensure bathroom access and safety using many innovative techniques. Grab Bars are one of the most beneficial modifications a home owner can make to improve the safety of their bathroom. Properly installed Grab Bars can support weights up to 300 lbs. and a typical bathroom would benefit from the installation of at least 3 Grab Bars in each bathroom.

Grab Bar Installation: Entry and Exit

  • To help facilitate entry and exit, we install a Grab Bar vertically in front of the shower or tub. A Grab Bar installed properly here prevents the tendency to reach for towel bars or cling to sliding glass doors or other unstable fixtures.
  • The vertically oriented Grab Bar allows shorter and taller people to grip it at a comfortable height.

Grab Bar Installation: In the shower or tub

  • Typically, mount a Grab Bar horizontally inside the tub or shower to provide added stability.
  • Generally a 24” Grab Bar works best in this area. In most cases studs that sit behind a wall are located 16” on center. We install and attach Grab Bars to the studs or use secure mounting anchors to fasten the Grab Bar to the wall surface.
  • A diagonal Grab Bar installed in the shower can provide stability when lowering to sit on a shower seat.

Grab Bar Installation: Next to the Toilet

  • For those who demonstrate some difficulty in either sitting or standing, installing a Grab Bar near the toilet can provide great assistance. When used in conjunction with an ADA comfort height toilet or a raised toilet seat, this can further improve comfort and ease of use.
  • Typically, a Grab Bar is installed either horizontally or diagonally near the toilet to facilitate the hand sliding up and down as one lowers onto and off of the seat.
  • A diagonal Grab Bar is more in tune with the natural movement of the hand and wrist and puts less strain on the wrist when lifting and lowering the body.
  • Diagonally oriented Grab Bars offer the ability to grip at varied heights, making them comfortable for both shorter and taller people.
  • When a Grab Bar is installed, it may not reach between the studs. If this is the case, it can be mounted with secure mounting anchors used at one of both ends of the Grab Bar.

The bath can be a place of welcome relaxation and escape, but it can also be slippery and unsafe for everyone. Properly installing Grab Bars can help prevent the slips and falls so common in this room is something you and your family will appreciate for years to come.

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