If you are planning to remodel your bathtub/shower, or just simply want to change your tub to a shower, Titan Grab Bars will help you through that process with our expert advice, professional craftsmanship, and affordable options and beautiful results that will keep you smiling throughout the entire process. We can complete your shower remodel in 2-5 days, start to finish. We work one job at a time with no interruptions. Family owned and operated.  Licensed, bonded and insured #944378

Some people just need the shower remodeled and that’s just what we do. Converting your tub to a shower for easier access and making the transition safer for entering and exiting is the best kind of prevention. We only concentrate on your project with no interruptions. Our installers are turnkey when it comes to the installation of you new shower and have an unmatched reputation. We focus only on the job itself from start to finish and understand that the look and feel of your home is essential to maintaining a safe happy lifestyle.

We make the process easy by breaking down each choice into understandable segments. Starting with the surface materials and progressing through to the finishing touches; it’s easy when you have an experienced licensed craftsman guiding you.

A new shower or bathtub can completely change the appearance of your home and provide a fresh updated look while being very affordable.

If you’ve ever experienced a delay in construction, you know how upsetting it can be for the entire family. We don’t begin your project until we have all the materials on hand, and we don’t pull off of your project once we’ve started construction.
We are working your job every day attending to all details so you don’t have to! This unmatched method gives you top priority and we are able to focus completely on all details which results in a beautifully completed project in a short period of time.

We don’t charge for estimates – never have. During your first appointment we’ll discuss your needs, take measurements, determine materials, assess any personal safety issues, and review layout options.
Your estimate will be dictated, transcribed, and sent to you by email, fax, or presented in person. This makes the entire process easy and will provide you with focused options that will result in a beautiful and competitively priced outcome.

Call today for a complete estimate 714-337-3112

Renovate has proven results for setting exceptional standards in cost control, planning, scheduling and project safety. We have experience that gives us a competitive advantage over others in our field.

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