All bathrooms can benefit from a new toilet. The new ‘Low Flow’ or ‘High-Efficiency’ toilets only use about 1.28 gallons per flush, and save your family between 8,000 and 20,000 gallons of water per year. We offer two different brands of toilets, Kohler 1-piece Santa Rosa and Kohler Cimarron 2-piece , both affordably priced for your budget and style of decor. We can also consult you on other toilets available to match your decor.

Kohler 1-Piece Santa Rosa Toilet

Kohler 2-Piece Cimarron Toilet

Bathroom Accessories

All bathrooms can benefit from the addition of additional bathroom accessories. We offer many styles of Bathroom Accessories, all affordably priced for your safety and style of decor.

Marble Corner Seat

Toilet Seat Riser

Mesh Shower Seat

Slide Bar & Shower Head

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