Innovative Hinge Design

Hinged Toilet Seat Riser


The Hinged Toilet Seat Riser installs safety between your toilet bowl and the existing seat. The addition of 3.5 inches of height makes it easier for individuals with mobility difficulties to sit & stand. Designed for easy cleaning, it fits most elongated toilet seats. Titan Grab Bars offers a standard round bowl and elongated bowl toilet seat risers. The toilet seat mounts to the riser and both riser and seat can be lifted up and down for normal use and function.

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Product Features

  • Innovative hinge design for superior stability
  • 300 lbs. weight capacity
  • Hinged design for easy cleaning
  • Installs under existing toilet seat
  • Adds 3.5″ to height of the toilet seat
  • Fits most round and elongated toilets

Product Features

  • $150.00 Installed
  • Price Includes: Hinged seat riser, assembly of the seat riser, Tax and installation
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