Shower Head

Adjustable Slide Bar


This ADA compliant slide bar system futures an easy–to-turn, oversized spray control showerhead that allows you to choose from shower, pulsating, massage, or pause settings. The pause control is great to reduce the water flow when needed. This showerhead has a lightweight design, soft grip handle with a safety strap that provides a secure grip while in use. It also has an extra long 60” soft-flex stainless steel chrome hose that allows for the shower head to be placed in any part of the tub or shower for maximum usage.

The Alsons shower head cradle, when used with a 24” vertical Grab Bar acts as a slide bar adjusting to your needs and preference. This slide bar is indeed a grab bar and can be used as an entrance and exit bar while in the shower. The larger lever design makes the holder easily adjusted by the person while standing or sitting.

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Product Features

  • 24” Moen Grab Bar
  • Handheld Shower Head
  • 60” soft-flex stainless steel hose
  • Lightweight, soft-grip handle w/ safety strap
  • Adjustable slide cradle attaches to the bar
  • ADA compliant

Product Features

  • $150.00 Installed
  • Price Includes: 24” Moen Grab Bar, Alsons Handheld Shower Head, 60” Flex Hose, Adjustable Cradle, Shower Neck & Flange, consultation, tax, materials, and installation
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